IHG wanted to increase their managers' awareness of 'People Tools,' a massive volume of information used to drive greater brand service behaviour and efficiency in their employees.
An iconic identity was created to reposition People Tools into a fun and approachable platform.

The concept shows that these tools are ready for immediate use; no set up is required.
The addition of 'Our' to 'People Tools' makes it more personable.

Our People Tools.

How the box is created.

Simply and easy.

If you use the right tools, managers will not miss 9% a month on revenues and sales.

By getting the right advice, managers will not waste 13 hours a week on misleading information.

By hiring the right employee, managers will not lose £23,569 each year on recruitment.
Creative items to encourage and remind managers to use Our People Tools.

Downloadable screensaver and podcasts for managers to access the information in downtime or in transit.

The tradeshow booth with an innovative way to hand out business cards: right off the wall.
Identity, print and ambient sketches.
get super.
wall of possibilities.
let's gap together.
instructions not included.
recess is on.
fee free fridays with flo.
the beast within.
spa next door.
drama like no other.
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