Better is a charitable social enterprise in Great Britain who give communities access to facilities that help improve their health and happiness. 
They're expanding their services and need our help to build their brand.
With their centres expanding to include spas, Better wanted us to create an identity that ties to their values and benefits the community in an everyday way.
We delivered a product of luxury wellbeing for everyone with the strapline and positioning 'feeling good is closer than you think.'
Close-up images from a person's point of view suggest this spa is all about you: it’s individual, intimate, comfortable, approachable and genuine.
Conversational and playful, the advertising communicates relevant benefits at the moment of need and democratizes the usage of spas.
Targeted door drops in local areas and geo-targeted digital ads both reinforces the brand name.
Directional and entrance signage.
Staff uniform and branded materials. Tote bag used from inside the spa to the shopping experience reinforces the brand journey.
In-spa signage and toiletries have treatment benefits; the sauna has it etched on the glass, while the bottles are conversational and benefit-led.
Free gift of exfoliating soap in Better's gym changing rooms, with decals on the mirrors to promote awareness of the spa's proximity.
Loyalty card and email campaign with a personal touch.
recess is on.
wall of possibilities.
other media.
let's gap together.
from barclays.
eye witness.
with a twist.
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