The Starbucks Chilled Classics range needed a big idea to relaunch across EMEA. 
This range is a simple twist on their hot coffee favourites, which are true classics around the world.
Big idea: coffee you love, with a twist.
Our concept is printed upside down to create intrigue and interest. 
In Starbucks, we can use the coffee sleeves to let people know that there's a delicious chilled version of the coffee they're drinking
available in the supermarket chiller. To increase trial among Starbucks aficionados, we can also include a special offer. 
Lift doors are the perfect place to show the product in a fun and captivating way. 
Smell is a powerful sense that we can leverage to drive people to try the Chilled Classics.
So we can give out special mirror hangers that smell of fresh coffee. The other side is the visual, flipped.
With the new taxes on plastic bags in the UK and in other countries around Europe, tote bags are an ideal giveaway for the on-the-go shopper. 
Starbucks wanted us to develop a 360 campaign to launch their Discoveries line for all of Europe.
Consumers are enlightened by chilled coffee, so let them reimagine how good coffee can be.
Responsible for creative direction '15
Art direction treatment for the key visual takes inspiration from luxury/beauty categories which show refreshment in a premium way.
Photography shoot with Marcel Christ in Amsterdam.
Our hero key visual, then translated across the European market.
Amplifying their 'on-the-go' positioning, branded ice-cream trucks were stationed in areas of high footfall,
with baristas serving samples of Discoveries. Branded buses gave commuters a more refreshing journey.
Branded USB fridges used as a competition give-away. 
Dry ice machines and coffee scent added to OOH posters and placed in high footfall areas
like metro stations that are typically hot/stuffy during the summer months.
Outdoor 'refreshing’ kiosks.
Branded vending machines as fridges.
Collaboration with a premium cosmetics brand Bobbi Brown to develop Discoveries-branded on-the-go makeup kit. These included
existing coffee-themed products like ‘Espresso’ eyeshadow and ‘Home Brew’ nail varnish that will feel chilled when applied.
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