Lee wanted an edgy concept for their Nightskins line. Making night into a tangible substance, we created an arresting campaign.

Night is a powerful thing. It has its own mistique, its own special energy...

It's even a substance; its inky blackness filling everything it touches. It inspires us to express, to create, to see things differently...

As our experiences define us, the greatest ones are made of night.

To kick off the 360, Lee celebrity Eddie Peng will launch the campaign by printing his own story onto a
pair of Nightskins. These become the stores’ window display along with the making of film and the call-to-action.

An online competition is launched where you submit your own story of the night, which will appear
on the site's jeans as you type. A hundred finalists will have their stories printed on a pair of Nightskins
and displayed in Lee stores; the top winner will receives the celebrity’s jeans.

Lee will set up pop-up stores only open at night. Your purchase will be time-stamped inside the back pocket,
which gains you free entry to exclusive parties. You will also be given a torchlight to be used in the parties.

In regular stores, large glass displays with Nightskin material acts as a canvas for customers to write their stories.

Music made of night. You can upload and download songs from 8pm to 8am when the website is live.

First of five different executions of another concept: free your dark side.

Nightskins let the night release your truest expressions.

Second execution has your night-self literally steps out of your day-self.

Third execution: your dark side chains up your day side.

NIghtskins Bats.

Lastly, free your dark side with a simple push.

Our creative process involves lots and lots of...

...brainstorming and...


In the middle-top part is where 'made of night' started.
let's nola.
spa next door.
open your world.
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