Diageo wanted a big entrepreneurial and non-traditional idea to launch their new product and category, Nola.
Born out of its own entrepreneurial and spontaneous spirit, 'Let’s Nola' becomes the vernacular for girls getting together.​​​​​​​
‘Let’s Nola’ becomes a playful rallying cry for girl friends getting together. The conjugation of
Nola builds category ownership - the behaviour of drinking spirit-based spritzers known as ‘to Nola’.
Women can invite their friends to 'Let's Nola' via social media like Facebook: 'Let’s Nola tonight.
Before we leave to eat tomorrow, pop round to mine first and “let’s Nola” before we go.'
'After work, we’re popping round to Sarah’s for a quick Nola.'
Women are able to share their fun-spirited experiences on Instagram...
...and Twitter.
Nola can be tagged in your girl's nights in.
Nola playlists to be used at get-togethers.
Nola's own blog.
Putting Nola in the place of entertainment and style.
A pop-up lounge will be placed in festivals, shopping centres and train station.
Nola cabs.
Successfully launched June 2014!
instructions not included.
graphic imperative.
made of night.
get super.
recess is on.
other media.
drama like no other.
fee free fridays with flo.
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