Suffering from brand inconsistency, Monkey Shoulder needed a new identity that would stand through time with younger audiences. 
We came up with three directions to show that this irreverent spirit is not afraid to break the rules.
How we look- urban, authentic and even contemporary, Monkey Shoulder 
is all about the direct and unpretentious quality of nature and jungle.
How we sound- this confident attitude is about playful spontaneity and fun-loving optimism expressed through bold typographic statements.
How we feel- authentic / natural / textural / age / quality / tactile / urban
How we look- the tactile excitement of gig entry stamps, the ultimate sign of
participation, inspires the rich look and textured feel of stamped ink
How we sound- this unexpectedly social spirit is always shared and spontaneous with new and fun experiences 
How we feel- unique / print / analogue / heritage / artisan / craft / teamwork / social / energetic
Recommended direction.
How we look- individuality and attitude are shown with a compelling mix of graphic graffiti and contemporary styling
How we sound- Monkey Shoulder embodies a free-thinking and creative approach that 
forges new ways of doing things and makes bold statements of irreverence
How we feel- vibrant / colourful / fresh / gestural / painterly / abstract / contemporary / bold / daring / differentiating
open your world.
drama like no other.
stand up for better coffee.
other media.
get super.
from barclays.
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