Selected of Jack & Jones wanted a unique concept for their autumn catalog campaign.
Even with a miniscule budget, we achieved due to endurance, team work and focus.
Previous campaigns from Selected: quite flat, boring and dull.

Our umbrella concept for the three clothing lines: newspaper headlines. Selected brings their customers stunning stories through their clothing.
Our catalog will be made like a newspaper.
To add more perspective and interest to our visuals, we will use the invisible man instead of the mannequin.
Our inspiration.
Iphone app for convenience.
Retail display.
Retail gift of typeset cufflinks.
PPM: tailoring's story is set inside a men's lounge.
Business casual's story is set inside a journalist's office.
Denim's story is set inside a newspaper delivery.
Product display references.
Business casual.
graphic imperative.
let's nola.
other media.
fee free fridays with flo.
made of night.
spa next door.
the beast within.
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