Ever since I saw Elizabeth Resnick's powerful Graphic Imperative Exhibition,
it has inspired me to make my own personal or social statements with art.
Responsible for all work below
Our drug dependence.

With no advertising major available, I taught myself the industry by reading a lot of books and doing my own campaigns.
I created this Barbara Kruger-isc poster to remind me of all the good advice I learned.

Government incompetence over Hurricane Katrina.

Kyoto Now is a student-led movement which leads American universities to reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Help Darfur Piece by Peace.

How Islamism is infiltrating Europe: reproduction.
Me Me Me! America is all about me!

Not everything has to be big. Stamps are another way to make a statement.
Here, the power of American consumption. Can you guess all the brands?

How do you get people to donate blood during the holiday season?
The hands are cut from a real band-aid.
The 'Give life' series, an all-season campaign: Life is beautiful. Life is blood. Blood is beautiful, too.
Editorial illustration 1: Missiles Sold Online.
Editorial illustration 2: Steroids in Baseball.
Editorial illustration 3: Online Identity Theft.
Stop smoking. 
Quite disturbing and grotesque to imagine your own teeth treated this way.
other media.
with a twist.
open your world.
recess is on.
let's gap together.
colourful dirt.
the beast within.
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