The Singapore Tourist Board wanted to get people to reappraise Singapore as just a stopover, but to stay longer as a true holiday destination. 
Our integrated campaign of 'Get into Singapore' doubled the length of stay from 3 to 9 days and increased passenger numbers by over 150%.
Responsible for creative direction '15
Through Thomas Cook, we enticed our target audience of affluent and adventurous 35+ adults to dig a little deeper and unearth the fantastic and
diverse experiences of Singapore. We succeeded in shifting people's perceptions and that to truly discover Singapore you need to just get into it.
Art direction is simple, direct, and arresting; we turned the line 'Get into Singapore' into literally a viewfinder.
Photography showed four different pillars: culture, food, nature, energy/vibrancy.
Offline channels such as press and outdoor media were promoted specifically to our customers in The Stylist and locations like airports and malls.
Instore promotions across Thomas Cook agency branches were run for three months and perfectly timed to match Singapore's golden jubilee.
Social and digital saw great engagement with one lucky user winning a five night holiday in Singapore, a competition that reached just short of 750K.
other media.
drama like no other.
open your world.
fee free fridays with flo.
eye witness.
colourful dirt.
let's nola.
get super.
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