After their image crisis, Barclays needed to revamp their attitude starting with their own employees. 
A thorough integrated platform was able to add life to Barclays' values once again.
Responsible for strategy, concept and art direction- 2013
Brainstorming the behavior journey with light to dark to show deepening of engagement.
Barclays Premier League needed a compelling experiential campaign to further excite both fans and colleagues.
We took core features of football and made it uniquely relevant to the target audience. 
Responsible for concept, art direction and design– 2013
The Spirit Hub is where fans can not only get amped up for the game, but they 
can also connect with other fans in an innovative and memorable way.
The internal workshop will be set like a day at The Training Ground, where colleagues will be treated like Premier League players themselves, because they are just as important as the players… they are Barclay's players.
Drawings to help visualize the ideas.
get into singapore.
open your world.
fee free fridays with flo.
get super.
with a twist.
colourful dirt.
drama like no other.
a virgin world.
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