For their key partner Office, Converse needed a compelling visual campaign to match their
existing Well Worn campaign "Shoes keep it clean. Sneakers get dirty" shown below.
We have to focus more on young women and emphasise more on the product story, while still using the language of music.
We injected a bit more lipstick and less sweat to be more fashion and to appeal directly to the Office consumer.

We want to create a simple impactful creative made with coloured powder representing the energy of a live gig.

Shooting will be close-up as if the story is being told from the sneaker’s angle.
Reference Wizard Smoke.

Product-focused key visual.

The window display intersperses sneakers within layered clear acrylic sheets of printed exploding powder.
Real music elements such as drumsticks and guitars will embellish the background.

The shoe call-out wall is energized with coloured powder bursting from behind the sneakers.
Transparent, it will be ledged further from the wall to create dimension and shadows with the powder.
The window-talker will be a clear cube made of layers of different color powder splatters.
The videos created on the shoot will be live on the Office website and can be shared through social media networks.
The same imagery will be used to create beautiful paper bags made of transparent plastic.
With every purchase of Well Worns, consumers enter the chance to participate in a gig at the 100 Club where the party atmosphere will be enhanced with colourful dirt. The event will be documented and pictures will be used in the advertorial.
stand up for better coffee.
let's gap together.
recess is on.
drama like no other.
open your world.
eye witness.
with a twist.
wall of possibilities.
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