The Classic Car Show wants to broaden their target audience, but in a way that does not alienate their core customers.
We developed a new positioning based on owning the truth that this show is the largest and most definitive in the UK.
Like these classic car ads, we aimed to reclaim their classic heritage and to underline their classic appeal. 
Like these classic treatments, the way to do this is to use and dramatise the badge of the Classic
Car Show as “the first, last and always” badge of what a classic car show should be all about.
So we made their badge classic. Because the Classic Car Show is a classic in itself. 
Here compared with their old badge.
And we put their truth out their in a classic print campaign.
Leaflet and T-shirt.
with a twist.
let's nola.
graphic imperative.
let's gap together.
recess is on.
stand up for better coffee.
the beast within.
eye witness.
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