GAP wanted to launch in China. Our unique campaign brought the brand to the top of Asia's fashion market.

The powerful concept symbolized by a simple logo lock-up: Let's Gap Together.Brand awareness increased from 30 to 80 percent.
Designing the logo lock-up, I experimented many different layouts before choosing the final design.
Photography by Annie Leibovitz, next to photographer Wing Shya.
Pop Singers Jolin Tsai and Usher.
Environmentalists Zhou Xun and Philippe Cousteau Jr.
Artists Ceilen Lau and Tristan Eaton.
DJs Wordy and Diplo.
Bloggers Wang Momo and Julia Frakes.

Live outdoors.

Gap opened its 1,140 square metre flagship store in Shanghai on one of the city's busiest shopping streets, Huaihai Road. 

Here their second grand store opening: the blue lights came from the initial idea of wrapping the store with jeans.

Instore. is quickly luring buyers from China's 420 million strong online citizens. 
Work from the pitch: illustrations were vital to clearly convey the concept in OOH.
Initial celebrity pairings.

Ambient ideas for the pitch. Here, an international manifesto and mocked-up on a tote-bag.
A fun feature for retail during the launch.

A cool concept to bridge the GAP brand with local Chinese artists.
Another ambient idea: put stickers on car mirrors to promote the unification of East and West.
get into singapore.
made of night.
graphic imperative.
stand up for better coffee.
a virgin world.
instructions not included.
fee free fridays with flo.
the beast within.
other media.
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